Friday, April 29, 2011

A New Branch On the Tree

photo by Matt Dunham AP
A lovely and historic day in the UK. Could Kate's parents ever have dreamed this for their child?
As I watched the festivities this morning the thought came to me, over and over, it is so random...this life.
Or is it?  I firmly believe that things happen as they must. We choose the school or take the job or vacation or apartment that leads us on a new path. That path is shared by new people who impact our lives in ways we can't ever imagine at the moment. In my own case, my husband was born and raised in Hong Kong. I am a Montana girl, through and through. How on earth did we ever end up together? 

His older sister moved to the Bahamas.
She met a man from Montana who was working and living in the Bahamas.
They fell in love and got married then moved back to Montana.
My husband wanted to attend university in the US. He couldn't afford school and living expenses, so he registered at the local private college near his sister and moved in with her and her husband.
I registered at the same school that same year.
We met through mutual friends.
The rest is history.

Random? or Destined? You decide.

To their Royal Highnesses Prince William and Princess Catherine, may your days together be full of love and laughter and may you live Happily Ever After!

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