Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Acquisitions

Gust Borgreen letter 19 Nov 1929
 Nathanial Baldwin Incorporated
Radio Head-sets, Loud Speakers, Sensitive Telephone Receivers
502 Deseret Bank Building
Salt Lake City, Utah
November 19, 1929

Mr. Gust Borgreen,
709 Second Avenue South
Great Falls, Montana

Dear Sir:

We acknowledge receipt of your application for 100 shares of the stock of the Nathaniel Baldwin Incorporated, at $4.00 per share, and your remittance in connection there-with of Check $200.00 and Note $200.00.

The Columbia Trust Company of this City, will forward to you, upon payment of the above note at our offices, 502 Deseret Bank Building, Salt Lake City, Trustee Certification covering the number of shares for which you subscribed.

You will be interested to know that Mr. Nathaniel Baldwin, President of the Company, is advising his friends to hold on to their stock as he confidently believes this stock will become very valuable.

Thank you for your interest and your subscription, we are
Very truly yours,

Carl Borgreen High School diploma 31 Jul 1925

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