Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy Email from Yvonne in Sweden

Hi Jennie,
It´s been a while and I'm sitting here in rainy Sweden, did not know what to do so...I began the search for your ancestors Isberg and Fält in Sweden, I hope you don´t mind...?
I found some info that I do not know if you already have. I'll send it to you.
Hopefully, it may be of interest....
I think you have a very interesting blog!
I also have a small blog, but I'm not so good, it often becomes a little different things that I add ..
I have no real “common red thread” to follow....;))

Hi again,

I found a brother of Johanna: Anders, born April 1866 and emigrated together with his family in 1889, se the attached file.
I also found one of the sisters, Anna, who emigrated in 1890.
... Hope you do not mind that I am looking for your ancestors, you might want to find yourself ..;)

Thank you, Yvonne. You have been a huge help on more than one occasion. Everyone should visit Yvonne's blog Swedish Thoughts.


  1. Jennie,
    I am happy if I can be to any help! I probably come back with some more info...;)

  2. Happy emails indeed! How sweet of Yvonne to help you with your research! I too have Swedish ancestry.