Thursday, October 24, 2013

Alex's stone

Here it is, after 2 long years. The stone was set just two days before Alex's 17th birthday. On the back is our surname along with parent's and sibling's names. I was so overcome with emotion that I just bawled for ....who knows how long.
The elements of the stone have a lot of signifigance. The little stone panda on the left was carved in China. Then a friend from Hong Kong went to China to bring it to H.K. My husband's brother-in-law brought it from H.K. to Canada. My sister-in-law brought it from Canada to Washington. My daughter brought it from Washington to Montana. Alex loved pandas, so there had to be a panda on his stone. The guitar is an exact representation of his favorite electric. The song on the right was written by Alex. He recorded it on the computer and we were able to play it at his service. The checkerboard pattern was a favorite and he always wore a checkerd belt. He was buried wearing that belt. The sharp slant on the top looks like a skateboard ramp. He was an avid skater. Finally the color scheme of black and white is so very Alex. The panda is black and white, he loved to wear black and white, so it was natural to choose that scheme. I've blurred the surname for privacy reasons. The flowers in this photo were put there by his friend. I've added a different arrangement to the vase, for now. As hard as it is, I'm so glad that its finally done.

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