Friday, January 7, 2011

And the Award goes to.....

Yesterday I posted about the Ancestor Approved Award. Today I present to you my top ten surprising or humbling facts about my ancestors and also my ten blog choices to receive the award.

Ten things about my ancestors that has humbled or surprised me.
1. one of my great grandfathers may have been crossing an international border without documentation.
There is no record of him entering the US EVER and he seems to have been going back and forth for work purposes.

2. family lore has it that a great grandmother was from County Cork Ireland, but her death certificate states Bristol England as her birth place.

3. a great grandmother with 8 children was caring for both her husband and her mother who were dying of cancer. They died about a year apart. What must she have gone through?

4. a great grandfather was building a homestead about 10 miles from the nearest town. He had to go into town for additional work. He'd walk to town to save livery fees, work all week and then walk home on the weekend carrying all the food and supplies for the family on his back. They had 14 children to provide for.

5. a great grandmother, who's life before coming to the US is a complete mystery, may have been living right next door to a brother and his family. They lived near each other in both WY and MT.

6. a grandfather may have been in some branch of the military, if only for a short time. An undated photo shows him in military garb standing in front of a military issue tent.

7. a grandfather's sister may have been divorced. A census record lists the sister and a small child with a different last name, living with the family and her relationship to head of household is "daughter". But he was probably her grandfather.

8. a great grandfather and great grandmother may have actually been cousins. Records show many marriages between these two families in the small village they lived in for centuries.

9. in searching a grandfather, I kept finding another individual with the exact same name and very close birth date living in MN. The grandfather only ever lived in MT.  I later found out that the MN man was grandpa's first cousin, born in the same town, with the same name and a very close birth date. Had me confused for a minute.

10. a great grandfather who reportedly homesteaded in WY during the WY land rush, may not have actually proved up his claim. No land patent has been found. The search continues.

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  1. Hi Jennie - thanks so much for the Ancestors Approved Award - it means so much that my wee blog is being followed! I've been typing up my response since I got in from researching :-) Jo (ps: Happy New Year!)