Sunday, January 30, 2011

RAGK...Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness

This post led to several emails from Cheryl at Heritage Happens and offers to help translate the document.
Today I received a translation of the document from Cheryl. It reads as follows:

Transcription of text in document
Certificate for Moving Out
1. Nir. 30 page 31
2. Farm hand Johan August Johansson Berggren
3. From Ossjo Westergard, Ljunga parish
4. Born 1863, (sixty three), Ljunga parish, Kronobergs county
5. October 8, named and confirmed by the Lutheran doctrine
6. He is a minor but is free to marry
7. -
8. -
9. Has had cowpox
10. Can read....Approved
11. ...Passable...Christianity Knowledge
12. ......Been on the interrogations
13. Entitled to the Holy Communion
14. -
15. Enjoying Civic trust
16. -
17. -
18. Completed this year's military service. (He is too young)
19. Moves to ..America...
20. Registered for census...Here for next year.....
21. Testified...Ljunga....parish, Kronobergs county
22. Sweden, June 9, 1883

? Svenson

transcriber added "Parish is Sodra Ljunga in Kronoberg county
page 31 = the page in the Church Book of Household
pastor's first name is unreadable.

This new information led me right to the Swedish Church Records at and this entry that has eluded me for months and months. #53, second from the bottom. Now to decipher the names of his parents.
But in moments, I've jumped miles ahead in my research of this stubborn brickwall Great Grandpa. 
Big thanks to Cheryl and her translators for all their help with this document. I can not say thank you enough.


  1. Hi Jennie, I was so glad I was able to help you, it took a bit, but we got somewhere! The real thanks needs to go to Yvonne Henricksson from Sweden Roots Genealogy for you at Thank you to Yvonne!

  2. You're right Cheryl. I've sent Yvonne a hugely heartfelt thank you.

  3. It was my pleasure! I like genealogy ;))