Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Talented Tuesday...A True Renaissance Man

Talented Tuesday Got ancestors who had a special talent? Be it musical, comical, or any manner of skill, post at your genealogy blog through words and pictures. This series has been suggested by Terri atSouthwest Arkie.
Carl Borgreen
Circa 1930
This is my grandpa, Carl Borgreen. The stories I've heard of him lead me to believe that there was nothing he couldn't do. According to mom, he was a gymnast, he flew a biplane, he wrote poetry, and he had wanted to be a doctor. He worked at the Anaconda Copper Mining Company in Great Falls Montana and was eventually promoted to safety welfare engineer. In his obituary, his interests are listed as "flying, hunting, fishing, camping, woodworking, and biology." Truly a man of many talents.


  1. Nice to have a peek into circa 1930's life...and nice that you have that knowledge about your grandpa's life.

  2. Jennie, liked your post about your grandpa and really liked the slide show of your ancestors. I'll have to figure out how to do that-=-- very nice.