Thursday, July 28, 2011

Those Places Thursday.....Grandma's Shanty

Those Places Thursday  do you often think back to places where you lived and worked at one time? What about those places where your ancestors spent time? Post about “those places” with photos and stories on Those Places Thursday. This has been an ongoing series by Cheryl Palmer of Heritage Happens.

The pictures and poem below come from my cousin Molly. Her dad, my Uncle Jimmy, is an artist and he created a planter box for Molly from Grandma Nell's old mailbox. He wrote the poem and gave it as a gift to Molly for her birthday. I've been unable to find a good picture of Grandma's little yellow house in my own collection of photos. I know that one exists and I'll post it and write about the "shanty" when I find that photo. But for now, these photos will do. 

"Gramma's Shanty"

I hope that this old box brings you good memories of the little yellow shanty

like those of the old black purse and all its treasures and candy

memories of sleeping in the big wooden bed and all the nightime stories so often said

memories of helping in the little kitchen and the yummy meals that appeared as if done by a magician

memories of sitting in the rocker on the tree shaded deck, cuddling for a hug and a peck

memories of time spent with one that loved to go for a walk or to just sit and have a good talk

memories of the little bathroom with the big metal tub with the flowery bubbles that made it so fun to scrub

memories of a gramma who loved you so much, whos life we now cherish so much

Jim Borgreen
Written for Molly’s birthday


  1. I really like this post...Very nice and quaint.

  2. Sounds like good times at my Grandma's too! I think about her place a lot, and sometimes dream I'm there again too.

  3. What a sweet poem and I love the mail box, too cool