Monday, November 14, 2011

Mystery Monday.....Can you identify this uniform?

original post in August:

This is grandpa, Carl Borgreen, circa 1925. Can anyone help me identify this uniform?
He graduated H.S. in 1925 and would have been about 18. Thank you in advance.

Update! 4 Aug 2011
 The mystery may be solved. I sent an email to an uncle (son of this grandpa) and received this reply:

Hey Bum, Thanks, these are great. I have never seen these actual photo's  before, but  the one on the right is in the 1925 GFHS yearbook. I have 2 copies. What I remember Dad saying was that he graduated early and joined the army, so I am sure these are when he was in boot camp. He went in as an enlisted man and came out an officer, 1st. Lt. , your Mom has one of his silver officers bars. For a time he was in the cavalry on the border chasing bandit's into Mexico. He loved that country, spoke the language well, loved bull fights and Mexican food. He was a smart, tough, cocky, daredevil in his younger years. Was a barn stormer biplane  pilot, rode motorcycles, was a great athlete and outdoorsman. Not to mention a great husband and father. SOOO, there is a little info for you sweetie. 
Thanks for doing all this, it means a great deal to me as well as the rest of the family.
Love you, and looking forward to seeing all of you soon.
Uncle J

So more research on this new development. Things to search out; HS grad info, 1925 HS yearbook, military enlistment records, service records, those officer's bars that my Mom may have, etc. 
To Be Continued....

Update: 14 Nov 2011

Nothing is panning out. Mom says she doesn't have any officer's bars. There are not records, that I can find, that indicate military service. There is no mention in any written material re; Carl Borgreen, to support this claim either. I'm stumped, and I'm not convinced that the uniform is military at all. It could be a boy scout uniform, for all we know. Beating my head against this brick wall.


  1. was this in Montana? I was thinking the CCs...but they began service in the 1930s (I think;) Both the uniform and tents certainly look militarish...

  2. Yes, this was in MT. He graduated H.S. in 1925 and was married in 1935, so that is the time frame for these photos. I've had others also suggest the CCC. Thanks for your input.