Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The story of Sister Martina Marxer

Death Certificate of  Sister M. Martina Marxer
source Familysearch.org
Here we have the death certificate of M. Martina Gabriela Marxer. She was born on 29 Mar 1862 to Andreas and Anna Marie Marxer, in Eschen Liechtenstein. She was my great grandfather, Joseph Marxer's sister. She came to the US with her father and siblings in 1884 and lived, for a time in St. Paul MN. By 1926 she was living in New Riegel, Seneca County, OH as a Catholic Nun with the Sisters of the Precious Blood. Her death certificate states that at the age of 72 and suffering from senility, she was working the garden of the convent in 108 degree temperatures  She suffered heat stroke and died. I find this scenario so sad. I've sent a request to the archives department of the Sisters of the Precious Blood for any other information, stories or photos they may have of Sister Martina Marxer. I hope to hear something very soon.

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