Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Funny....why didn't I think to spell it like that?1910 Census

1910 US Census
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So misspellings in the census is just a given, right? I thought I'd seen every possible spelling of the surname Borgreen.That is, until I found this one. Banyteea. I had to laugh at the thought, but then I noticed the misspellings of most of the family's first names. Gus became Gee. Ebba became Adda. Levi became Louis and Carl became Rarl.
I like to think that this poor indexer was on his/her 1000 entry of the day, or drunk. Yeah, drunk. That sounds likely.

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  1. It may actually be the transcriber. I have found doozies where the person who was transcribing just couldn't read 19th and early 20th script. Of course, then there's Uncle Almon who according to the Census was Almond. I bet he was a nut.