Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Workday Wednesday...Joseph Marxer and Crew Make Hay.

Has No Crop Faliures
Meisenbach, Mont. Nov. 11, 1901.
Left Minnesota in 1890 for Great Falls. In 1893 settled on 160 acres, homestead, and afterwards bought 80 acres more. Had 1,250 bushels of wheat off 40 acres; 19 acres of oats, 900 bushels; 4 acres of rye, 112 1/2 bushels; 300 sacks of potatoes off 3 acres-about 1 1/2 bushel to a sack. Have 42 head of cattle, 11 horses, 5 hogs and 100 chickens. Seeded 10 acres to timothy [hay] last spring and intend to seed 10 acres more. Fair farm buildings. Crops are good enough for me without irrigation and have never had a crop failure. Sell my grain to the Royal Mill at Great Falls at good prices. Farming pays in Cascade county, and I am satisfied with the climate, crops, and people. 
Yours truly,
Joseph Marxer

taken from the "Great Northern Bulletin" and published in the Great Falls Tribune, Sunday, February 23, 1902

type written copy found among the papers of the Edward Marxer estate.

Joseph Marxer's Land Patent

Workday Wednesday – a way to document your ancestors’ occupations (they weren’t all farmers), transcripts of SS-5s, photos and stories of ancestors at work, announcements of retirements, etc. This prompt has been suggested by Denise Spurlock of the Denise’s Life in the Past Laneand Reflecting on Genealogy blogs.

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