Friday, July 27, 2012

A Researcher's Best Friend

In addition to researching my own family, I also research the family of one of my town's founders. I've been on the hunt for this family's story for over 5 years. I've found much, but know that there's much more to find. I know that I could read newspapers on microfilm from now until I'm cross eyed. This family was written about every time the husband went fishing or the wife hosted a tea.
My fellow researchers are always keeping an eye out for the family name. We alert each other if we find an item of interest. On Tuesday I met up with one of my research buddies and imagine my surprise when she presented me with a book she found at a local garage sale for a whopping .50; the paternal family history of the wife of my research project. It is well sourced and indexed and takes the family line back to the immigrant ancestor and the 1700s. Of course, I've found some incorrect information. But that's to be expected in a secondary source. For me, the clues and stories are the most important thing. I'm beyond excited to pick through this volume with a fine toothed comb. Thanks friend, for having my back. I hope I can return the favor some day.

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