Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Side Streets of Genealogy.

I've taken my direct lines across the pond but don't have the funds to subscribe to the world archives right now, so I'm currently researching collateral lines and doing some reverse genealogy in hopes of finding living relatives in the US. This has proven to be as fun and even more revealing than researching the direct lines. My grand parents and great grand parents were a bunch of goodie two shoes but some of their siblings and children got up to some mischief which has been very entertaining to uncover. The 19 year old aunt who got herself in the family way and ran away from home. She was obviously found and got married to the child's father a month before the birth. But that marriage didn't last long and ended in divorce. She later married the widower of her own sister and than at least once more. There's the mystery cousin that no one knows anything about, but there she was on the 1930 census living with her grandparents (my great grandparents). She was 15, for heavens sake. How could no one not know anything about her? And why were her younger brothers living as boarders in CA when the rest of the family was in MT? These side lines will keep me busy while I save my pennies for the World subscription and can continue my direct lines in Europe. This is why I LOL when I hear people say their research is DONE! It's not done, you just quit looking.

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