Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cabin Memories

I've written about The Cabin before. We just enjoyed a lovely weekend there. We spent time with Uncle Johnny, Aunt Julie, my brother Carl and his wife, Heather and daughter Emily and cousin Molly with her children, Grace and Logan. It was great weather, though a bit hot. We hiked, ate, talked, played in the creek and slept like babies. It all passed too quickly. Every time I go to the cabin, I'm reminded of the generations who were there before me. Recently, Mom brought some old photos for me to scan and many of them were taken at the cabin. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

John Borgreen, Bill Johnstone, Elvira Borgrren Whiting, Nell Johnstone Borgreen, Judy Borgreen, John Whiting

John Whiting, Carl Borgreen, Bill Johnstone, John Borgreen, Elvira Borgreen Whiting, Judy Borgreen

Nell Johnstone Borgreen

Jerry, Carl and Jimmy Borgreen

Bert, Jim, Steve, Rose Mary Johnstone and Nell Johnstone Borgreen

Carl Borgreen and Steve Johnstone

Jim Johnstone

Nell Johnstone Borgreen

Gust Borgreen

Gust, Nell and Carl Borgreen

Nell and Carl Borgreen

Carl Borgreen and Jack Johnstone

Nel and Carl Borgreen

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