Thursday, December 9, 2010

Those Places Thursday...The Cabin

Johnstone-Borgreen Cabin est. 1936

This is "The Cabin". It was built by my grandfather, Carl Borgreen 
and my Uncle Steve Johnstone, who was Grandma Nell's brother.
Our family has been coming to this place ever since 1935. There is no
electricity or running water; no plumbing or any type of modern
convenience. There is no TV, computer and no cell phone service.
This spot is truly Heaven on Earth. There are no neighbors or stores
no street noise. There is nothing but the pure silence of the mountains
and the creek running by. 

The inside of the cabin contains many of the
same items that have been there since the very beginning. The old wood stove
and picnic table have always been there. The oil lamps and pots and pans
are the same ones that I've always known. The water bucket and dipper 
are the same ones from back in the day when we could actually drink the 
water straight from the creek. 

There have been small changes over the
years and improvements like the new roof and fresh paint. But the things
that matter, the things that make this the cabin have remained the same.
The history of this place swirls around me when I step out of my car to
open the gate. To be so firmly rooted to a place is holy. I have always come
here and I will always come back. And when my time comes to leave this 
life, I want my ashes scattered here. 


  1. I enjoyed this post. You painted a beautiful picture of the atomosphere surrounding it and your thoughts about it in my head. You're's a Sacred place.


  2. Our family has a somewhat similar place that's almost unchanging and been in the family for generations. I can relate to your feelings that you wrote so aptly.

  3. Visited your cabin site today while enjoying a day outdoors. You truly have a treasure.