Sunday, February 20, 2011

Email response re; will and probate request

"Hi Jennie:

I was able to review our Probate Index for the three names that you indicated in your message.  I did not find a probate filed for the first two (Frank Joseph Marxer, William Henry Johnstone), but I did find a probate filed for John Augusta “Gust” Borgreen.  The Cause Number is 6864.  The date of death you indicated matches the file.  I have reviewed the file and I am wondering which documents you would like to have copied?  There is no Will on file; he died without one (intestate).  I am listing below some of the more important documents that you may wish to have based on the information contained within or for the fact that other family members’ signatures are present.   I did not include documents that set the date and/or times for hearings.

-          Petition for Letters of Administration (2 pg)
-          Order Appointing Administrator (2 pg; appoints Carl T. Borgreen as the Administrator of the Estate)
-          Letters of Administration (1 pg; document that gave authority to the Administrator)
-          Inventory and Appraisement (3 pg; shows that the estate’s assets were cash only)
-          Report to State Board of Equalization on Inheritance Tax (2 pg)
-          First and Final Account, Petition for Determination of Inheritance Tax, Allowance of Attorney’s Fees and for Final Discharge (6 pg)
-          Decree Allowing First and Final Account, Determination of Inheritance Tax, Allowance of Attorney’s and Distribution of Estate (5 pg)
-          Petition for Final Discharge (5 pg; includes “Vouchers” signed by recipients of inheritance)
-          Decree of Final Discharge (1 pg; closed estate proceedings)

Our copy charges are $1.00/pg for the 1st 10 pages; $0.50/pg thereafter (based on the total number of pages being ordered).  You may use this e-mail as your request if you would like to order any copies.  Please make your payment by MONEY ORDER only payable to “Clerk of Court.”  Please indicate which documents you would like and be sure to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope large enough to accommodate the number of pages you have requested.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Best regards,

Drat! I wanted to find a will or probate for Joseph Marxer and William Johnstone. I am happy to know that a probate packet exists for Gust Borgreen. I've ordered the pages referenced in the email and am impatiently awaiting their arrival. All is not lost on the Johnstone front, though. I do know that William's wife, Mary Alice, owned some property. He predeceased her so there may well be a will and/or probate for her. After I pick through Gust's packet, I'll write to see if Mary Alice has left anything for me. 

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