Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tech Tuesday... Hand Held Scanner

My new toy is the VuPoint Magic Wand hand held scanner. Think of all the times you've  been at the library looking at an old fragile book or without dimes for the copy machine or all the times the line at the machine as too long and your research time too short. This little gadget is the answer to many a researcher's prayer.
 I bought it over the weekend, played with it for a few minutes and had the technique down pat. The quality is good and it's small, portable, easy to use and comes with it's own handy carrying case and cleaning cloth. Come on! Who can turn down a handy carrying case and cleaning cloth?  My one tip is, scan each page a couple of times to make sure you get a good image. You can't view your scans as you go, you have to load them onto the computer to see how you did. So I scan twice, which takes seconds, and use the best result. In my opinion, this is a must in every researcher's tote bag.

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  1. What a handy gadget! I'm going to go look it up right now! :o)