Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is there such a thing as TMI?

I had to step back and take a big breath. I've had the happy problem of finding too much too soon. I began to feel a little overwhelmed and was feeling a bit buried in details and dates. I knew a break was in order when I couldn't keep one generation straight from another. So, I've had a few days to quiet the mind. I've read my latest issue of Family Tree magazine, watched the two newest episodes of WDYTYA (USA version) and found past episodes of WDYTYA (UK) on You Tube. It's been a lovely little vacation. Then yesterday morning I popped out of bed ready to write a letter to the county courthouse for wills and probates for three great grandpas. I counted it as something done but with breathing room before results come in. I feel refocused and re energized and ready to take just a small bite out of my to do list, for now.

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