Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 20....Brick by Brick

March 20 - Is there a female ancestor who is your brick wall? Why? List possible sources for finding more information.

My Brickwall is Johanna "Jennie" (Felt) Borgreen. She and her husband Gust never spoke of Sweden. As far as I can tell they never told anyone anything at all. I ordered death certificates in hopes of finding a town of origin or a parent's name. NOTHING. I ordered a marriage certificate for the same reason. NOTHING. I have scoured every document that I can find for any clue as to where they may have come from. Here's what I know of Johanna so far...
Born 22 May 1868 Nävlinge, Kristianstad, Sweden   The name of her town and parish came from Swedish Emigration Records found on She left Eljaröd, Nävlinge, Kristianstad, Sweden in 1891 to move to North America with her final destination being Rock Springs WY. This information came from the Swedish church records at She married Gust Borgreen on 5 Dec 1891 and a gentleman named A. Felt was a witness. This found on the marriage certificate. We then lose track of the family until we can pick up the trail again in MT on the 1900 census where they live with their four oldest children and surprisingly, they live right next door to an Andrew Felt and his family. This is where I decided to pick up the trail of Andrew. Who is he and how is he related to my family? The 1900 census shows that Andrew, his wife and oldest child came to WY in 1890, just one year before Johanna. We know that Gust was already in WY at that time. Several of Andrew's children were born in WY according to the census. So I tracked the whole family back and forth through time and found that those WY births had occurred in Rock Springs. I have yet to find Andrew and his family's immigration papers. But I continue to search. I also continue to search for Johanna in Swedish church records. Hopefully, one day I'll find the birth register I'm looking for. I'm also searching forward in time. I'm looking at Gust and Johanna's children, along with Andrew's children, and their children hoping to find a living descendant who might know just a bit more than me. I still don't know if Andrew is actually related. It would seem that he must be and based on their ages, I suspect he's a brother. But until I have proof in hand, I can only speculate. Come on Johanna. Give it up. 

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  1. LOL.....I know the feeling. If only they would give us just one little clue. Why did they think it was so much fun to hide their past from us?