Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 27....Fresh off the boat

March 27 - Do you know the immigration story of one or more female ancestors? Do you have any passenger lists, passports, or other documentation? Interesting family stories?

I could tell you the Titanic story, but since I really don't believe that one, I'll tell you what I DO know.

On 4 Jun 1913, Mary Alice Johnstone arrived in Quebec along with her two children, Steven and Ellen and her mother, Mary Coleman. They were on their way to B.C. Canada to meet up with Mary Alice's husband  William Johnstone, who had arrived more than a year earlier.

They traveled on the Laurentic, most likely as one of the 1,000 third class passengers. Four years later the Laurentic would meet a fateful end when it was sunk by a mine on 25 Jan 1917 off the coast of Ireland, killing 350 passengers.

The Johnstones would remain in B.C. until 1916, when they emigrated to MT, where they would live the rest of their lives.

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